From Wizards to Wi-Fi: Exploring the Magical Parallels of Harry Potter and Modern Technology
07 August 2023

From Wizards to Wi-Fi: Exploring the Magical Parallels of Harry Potter and Modern Technology

Explore the captivating parallels between the enchanting Harry Potter universe and the cutting-edge innovations of our technological age in this riveting content piece. Dive into the mesmerizing connections that bridge the fantastical with the real-world!

1. Magical devices and Electronic Gadgets

Magical devices and Electronic Gadgets

Fellow Potterheads would've come across the magical device, the Deluminator which proves its use from the very first chapter till the very last book. Have you noticed how strikingly similar it is to a lighter, that the author itself has mentioned its similarity? As well you might've came across the Remembrall, that Neville owns, which alarms the owner if they've forgotten anything. This is equivalent to the remainders you set for any scheduled meetings or events, so that it will remind you in case it slipped out of your mind!

2. Marauder's Map and GPS

Marauder's Map and GPS

The Marauder's Map, created by the Marauders themselves, is a magical parchment that displays real-time locations of individuals within Hogwarts. It is strikingly similarto the GPS technology we rely on today. Consider how GPS has revolutionized navigation and location services, making it an essential part of modern life, much like the map was for Harry and his friends. From finding your friend's location, to tracking down any criminal GPS has proved its use!

3. Pensieve and Memory Storage

Pensieve and Memory Storage

Albus Dumbledore, the only wizard whom Voldemort feared is a master of many. We've seen that he has tremendous amount of memories from visiting Lord Voldemort to hos days as  professor at Hogwarts. Not only that, these memories are stored in The Pensieve.This is used for temporarily storing the memories and revisiting them in real when needed!
It shares similarities with our modern memory storage solutions. From hard drives to cloud storage and even the burgeoning field of neurotechnology, our pursuit of preserving memories and accessing them has seen remarkable progress.

4. Magical Spells and Coding

Magical Spells and Coding

Have you ever tried using the spells "Lumos" and "Nox" in Siri or Google Assistant? It actually turns on the flashlight for Lumos and turns it off for Nox. These spells and so many more for have a specific use. "Accio" for retreiving, "Sectumsempra" for hurting your enemies with invisible knives and our very favourite "Wingardium Leviosa". The casting of spells in Harry Potter and the logical thinking behind it can be likened to coding and programming in our world. Both require precise instructions and problem-solving skills to achieve desired outcomes. 

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