The lakes
11 January 2023

The lakes

A beautiful looking thing is totem....... the sadness and happiness they barge and fade but life isn't about ending ourselves.....

1. The lakes

The lakes

I would ruffle the canoe 
And scramble my way to the lakes
Where naturalism is a cagoule
To seed-bearing flakes

Scauntering scauntering, I scanted
The voices are now clear
The place is not yet contrived
Chirps blazing into my ear
Not yet contrived by a milksop
Yet to be demonized by an oap
The white smoke makes me scant
To the purity I lay a client
Turning my canoe to the acacia herbs
Fluttering faster than cobs
The breeze fitted like a coif
I drown and run out of life
I am too relaxed to breathe
My mind feels better underneath

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