Webxspark Version 1.3 Update Patch Notes
25 September 2021

Webxspark Version 1.3 Update Patch Notes

Webxspark Version 1.3 released on 24/09/2021. New Chat Feature exclusively for Admin Panel and UI improvements, New comment panel for Community, Article Uploading is improvised.

1. New Comment Feature

New Comment Feature

Now with this feature users and viewers can comment and share their opinions on articles. For that every user must login or create an account on our website... You can refer our Privacy Policy and Terms of Services for more info... 'Replying to comments' is also available for Article writers for building a strong community.

2. New Chat Feature For Admin Panel

New Chat Feature For Admin Panel

The New Webxchat is now available only to users who are logged in to our Admin panel. This feature helps the user to chat and query other users. In Webxchat, messages and chat are end-to-end encrypted. So, no one outside of this chat or website, or not even Webxspark can read yours to them.

3. Improved Article Posting

Improved Article Posting

Ever since users complained about article posting is long and uncomfortable, we have brought the new and improved article posting UI and layout. Now users can post articles with ease. With smaller steps to upload, and new image upload button users can now enjoy uploading articles. Users can also preview their images while writing articles.

4. New Auto-Login Feature

New Auto-Login Feature

Since Logging in every time you enter our website was boring and frustrating, we introduced the new Auto-Login feature. With this feature, once you log in and exit, and if you re-enter you no need to log in again!

5. More Info

More Info

As common in many websites, we too use cookies for various purposes in our site for providing personalized contents and a best user experience. We've a brief note on how we use your cookies and personal information in our cookie policy Various Bugs have been patched, Site UI has been improved, Faster admin panel. Comments to Articles will be watched, any inappropriate comments will lead to a serious ban or suspension. Article writers will be given the same rules. No inappropriate replying. 
For More info pls contact us.

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