18 December 2022


Something that seems unholy is probably holy sometimes Better to not judge anything anyhow...cause it may be something essential somewhere

1. Winter


What would be my name?
If I were a season
I'd solemnly be apart from treason
I would rekindle my glory 
With flitherness of being holy 
Just like sadness or happiness
I would barge and fade
Would never stop to unwillingness
Picturing the fluttering cascade

If I were a season
Winter would be my name
I would nay be the reason
Of coldness blooming inside 
I would make the sorroundings cold 
Just to see the souls being pretty-warm

I would never abrupt the bold
Only the one's"in" their dorm
If I were a season
They would have a ephipheny
That I'm just cold on every entity
But it's right in their visions 
I'm not the reason of treasons
I accomplish my own charm
I teach them what is warm
Winter would be my name
I'd barge with fame and fade with shame
I just cool the muddy vesture of decay
And teach the inner them's to stay
Warm and pure as fire
If I were winter this would be my desire

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